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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What to do when your new yoga mat is slippery?

I did my research on the internet andit is quite interesting how people said to put it in the luandry, or just soap it. I have the experience myself, I bought a new yoga mat to attend my 1 month intensive yoga course, the fisrt 2-3 days , my downward facing dog turned into downward slipping dog but then quickly after, it gained the grip!!! HOw? because our course was near the beach and the sand gets into everything everywhere, on the floor, therefore on my hands and therefore on my mat!

I bought yet another new mat when I relocate to Norway and once again, it was as slippery as the other one. This time I simply just, rub some soil on the surface and rinse the soil out and away. Instantly I have a new awesome, non-slip yoga mat!!

Enjoy the trick everybody.